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css cursor properties tutorial

css cursor properties tutorial specifies the type of cursor to be displayed when the mouse pointer is hover over an element.

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<span style="cursor: auto;">auto</span>
<span style="cursor: default;">default</span>
<span style="cursor: none;">none</span>

<span style="cursor: context-menu;">context-menu</span>
<span style="cursor: help;">help</span>
<span style="cursor: pointer;">pointer</span>
<span style="cursor: progress;">progress</span>
<span style="cursor: wait;">wait</span>

<span style="cursor: cell;">cell</span>
<span style="cursor: crosshair;">crosshair</span>
<span style="cursor: text;">text</span> 
<span style="cursor: vertical-text;">vertical-text</span>

<span style="cursor: alias;">alias</span>
<span style="cursor: copy;">copy</span>
<span style="cursor: move;">move</span>
<span style="cursor: no-drop;">no-drop</span>
<span style="cursor: not-allowed;">not-allowed</span>

<span style="cursor: grab;">grab</span>
<span style="cursor: grabbing;">grabbing</span>
<span style="cursor:e-resize">e-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: n-resize;">n-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: ne-resize;">ne-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: nw-resize;">nw-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: s-resize;">s-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: se-resize;">se-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: sw-resize;">sw-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: w-resize;">w-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: ew-resize;">ew-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: ns-resize;">ns-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: nesw-resize;">nesw-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: nwse-resize;">nwse-resize</span>

<span style="cursor: col-resize;">col-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: row-resize;">row-resize</span>
<span style="cursor: all-scroll;">all-scroll</span>
<span style="cursor: zoom-in;">zoom-in</span>
<span style="cursor: zoom-out;">zoom-out</span>



| auto | default | none | context-menu | help | pointer | progress | wait | cell | 
| crosshair | text | vertical-text | alias | copy | move | no-drop | not-allowed | 
| grab | grabbing | e-resize | n-resize | ne-resize | nw-resize | s-resize | 
| se-resize | sw-resize | w-resize | ew-resize | ns-resize | nesw-resize |
| nwse-resize | col-resize | row-resize | all-scroll | zoom-in | zoom-out | 
| [url(cursor file)] | initial | inherit; |

property values

the following table describes the values of this property.

value example description


auto demo default. browser set a cursor
default demo no any special behavior for the cursor. typically an arrow
none demo no cursor is visible

links & status

context-menu demo specifies that a context-menu is available
help demo specifies that a help information is available
pointer demo specifies that a element can be interacted, when click on it. typically an hand
progress demo specifies that a progress indicator
wait demo specifies that process is running and the user should wait


cell demo specifies that a cells can be selected
crosshair demo specifies that a selection in a bitmap. typically a simple crosshair
text demo specifies that text that can be selected
vertical-text demo specifies that vertical text can be selected

drag and drop

alias demo specifies that an alias or shortcut is created
copy demo specifies that something can be copied
move demo specifies that something can be moved
no-drop demo specifies that an item not able to drop at the current location
not-allowed demo specifies that something can not done

resize & scrolling

all-scroll demo specifies that something can be scrolled in any direction
col-resize demo specifies that something can be resized only horizontally
row-resize demo specifies that something can be resized only vertically
n-resize demo specifies that some edge is to be moved up (north)
e-resize demo specifies that some edge is to be moved right (east)
s-resize demo specifies that some edge is to be moved down (south)
w-resize demo specifies that some edge is to be moved left (west)
ne-resize demo specifies that some edge is to be moved up and right (north/east)
nw-resize demo specifies that some edge is to be moved up and left (north/west)
se-resize demo specifies that some edge is to be moved down and right (south/east)
sw-resize demo specifies that some edge is to be moved down and left (south/west)
ew-resize demo bidirectional resize cursor
ns-resize demo
nesw-resize demo
nwse-resize demo

zoom and grab

zoom-in demo specifies that something can be zoomed in
zoom-out demo specifies that something can be zoomed out
grab demo specifies that something can be dragged to be moved somewhere
grabbing demo specifies that something can be grabbed


url(location) demo specifies the cursor resource location
initial & inherit
initial sets default value of this property
inherit inherits this property from its parent element

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